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Sworn translations

SIS Consultancy and Services Center provides professional services of sworn translations and interpretation services for international languages (ENGLISH – ITALIAN). The sworn translations we made are meant for the natural persons (personal or official documents), as well as for the legal persons, for various areas (economic, legal, technical, etc.)

Our sworn interpreter (translator) holds a license issued by the Ministry of Justice of Romania and can assist you in signing documents before the notary public, registrar or other state authorities in the case when one of the parties is not Romanian citizen, in business meeting, negotiations or interpretation for various social events.

Our effectiveness as business consultancy office combined with the experience of translators (interpreters) with whom we collaborate proves that we are a trustworthy partner. Like that, we succeed in gaining clients for long-term collaborations, their references between another measure of the quality of provided services, joint services in one place, sworn / specialized translations and notarization.

Translation / Interpretation Fields

Economic and financial

(economic and financial reports, balance sheets and tax reports, tax declarations, tax registration certificates, bank statements, credit granting conditions, substantiating documents, files for participating in tender processes, etc.)


(agreements, demands and supplies, specialty handbooks, incorporation documents, transport documents, etc.)


(decisions and resolutions of the competent bodies, court of law decisions, civil and penal; sentences, subpoenas, letters to various institutions, assignment documents, enforceable documents., etc.)


(specialty handbooks, tender books, instructions sheets and production instructions, endorsements and approvals, etc)

Placing the apostille on the documents of any field is made for internationally acknowledging the documents and translations in all member states of the Hague Convention. For the countries that are not members of the Hague Convention, superlegalization is the solution you need and we can facilitate it for you.

Certainly, the confidentiality of documents is one of our major concerns. Many of the materials we receive for being translated comprise important information for our clients (information concerning business, transactions, bank data, and personal data). We ensure to our clients of the seriousness of our services and, at the same time, of the minimum term for translating the requested documents.