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Notary public services

Within the SIS Consultancy and services center the DIMITRIU GEORGEL IRINEL individual notary public office operates under the aegis of the National Union of Notaries Public of Romania.

The notary public fulfills the next documents and notary public procedures:

  • drafting the documents having a legal content, upon the parties’ request;
  • authenticating the documents;
  • notary public inheritance procedure;
  • certifying some deeds in the cases provisioned by law;
  • notarizing the signatures on documents, the signature specimens, as well as the seals;
  • setting certain dates on the documents;
  • receiving documents and papers submitted by the parties, as well as the monies, other goods, documents, or papers found at the time of drafting the inheritance inventory list for safe keeping, according to the space and utilities the notary public office has available;
  • protest documents concerning the bills of exchange, promissory notes and checks;
  • notarizing the copies of the documents;
  • drafting and notarizing the translated documents;
  • issuing duplicates of the documents it has drafted;
  • fiduciary actions, according to the law;
  • in the cases provisioned by law, appointing the receiver or the special curator;
  • registering and keeping, according to the law, the prints of special labeling devices;
  • certifying the procedural phases of tender processes and / or their results;
  • divorce procedure, according to the law;
  • liquidating the inheritance debts, with the consent of all inheritors;
  • any other operations provisioned by law.