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Electronic archive

Electronic archive for Security Interests

The Electronic Archive for Security Interests (AEGRM) is an electronic register organized in a single database, legally advertising the legal relations created in connection to securing some civil or commercial obligations.
The security grants to the secured creditor the right to satisfy its receivables by the pledged good before any other unsecured creditor and before other creditors whose securities or rights on the pledged good have a lower priority degree, according to the legal provisions.
Receivables secured by movables can be registered in the Archive, as well as other types of legal documents, such as assignment of receivable rights, conditional sales, all forms of rental, including leasing agreements, and consignment agreements.
DIMITRIU GEORGEL-IRINEL Individual Notary Public Office is authorized by U.N.N.P.R. to make registrations in AEGRM, having skilled staff with vast experience in this area.

Within the SIS Consultancy and Services Center, you benefit of the next services:

  • registering the security endorsements in the electronic archive;
  • specialty consultancy;
  • services of searching and copying information from the database of the electronic archive;
  • issuing certified copies of registrations in the archive upon request;
  • promptness in solving the clients’ requests and in making the registrations;
  • confidentiality specific to the field of activity.

Upon the request of the concerned persons, we perform registrations of the security endorsements, thus:

  • endorsement of creating the security (initial security endorsement);
  • endorsement of altering the initial security endorsement;
  • endorsement of assigning the receivables;
  • endorsement of diminishing the security to part of the goods pledged by the initial security endorsement;
  • endorsement of expanding the security on other goods;
  • endorsement of extending the initial security endorsement;
  • endorsement of extinguishing the initial security endorsement;
  • endorsement of nullity, following the annulment or finding the nullity of the security agreement;
  • endorsement of registering the intention of creating a security endorsement;
  • endorsement of registering the other legal documents subject matter of the provisions of Title VI „Legal Regime of securities” of Law no. 99/ 1999 concerning some measures for speeding up the economic reform, as it was altered by the Government Ordinance no. 89/ 2000.