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Business consultancy

SIS CONSULTING S.R.L. is a professional company authorized by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Chance Equality and as a Temporary Recruitment Agent. Until the time of acquiring the temporary work license, the company worked in the single field of legal consultancy, while developing its activity of granting general and special legal consultancy and assistance by its own staff, being specialized in the field of commercial law, finance – bank law, labor and administrative law; it provides protection and legal assistance mainly to legal persons that are companies or organizations, to independent natural persons or to those connected to the commercial activities licensed by law, as well as mediation.

Thus, the company’s employees provide, according to the availability agreements concluded with the company, legal consultancy and assistance services, as it follows, without limitation to general consultancy and assistance,

  • drafting legal documents;
  • arbitration and conciliation, without legal representation;
  • arbitration and conciliation, with legal representation;
  • granting consultations, guidance of operational assistance for companies and public services;
  • it tracks the issuing of the normative acts that are connected to the client’s object of activity and informs it of them;
  • it drafts the formalities provisioned by law in the case of altering the memorandum of association, ensuring the registration of documents with the Trade Registry Office;
  • it participates in negotiating the collective employment agreement;
  • it participates in drafting the Internal Regulation, informing the client on the legal provisions it must observe in that case;
  • it participates in negotiating the agreements that the client will conclude and drafts such agreement drafts.

We believe that, considering the role the temporary recruitment company will have and the continuous evolution of the labor force market, the company, as temporary recruitment company, can search on the labor force market and make available to the users the specialized staff of high professional and moral competence for any type of activity.

Costs can be negotiated according to the presented problems and upon considering each activity, ensuring the business maintenance from the management point of view and thr legislative surveillance.

At the same time, the company emphasizes that it provides complete representation to its clients. More, the services are permanently and exclusively oriented towards improving and perfecting the client’s activity.