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Accounting and tax consultancy

The company GLOBAL CONSULTING & FINANCE S.R.L. was incorporated in 2000 and its main object of activity is supplying financial and accounting services. Right now, it has a portfolio of over 70 clients to whom it provides services in various fields. This is a proof of the fact that the company is serious, observes its agreements and business partners, and is aware of the responsibilities it accepts. Having to solve various problems continuously, according to the activity type of the clients, the company accumulated a vast experience that it provides to its clients.

Registered with the Body of Accounting Experts and Chartered Accountants of Romania since 2000, it has direct collaborators from among the National Association of Assessors of Romania and Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania. It has skilled staff with adequate professional qualification, made within the company, acting on the market of consultancy services according to the professional norms of CECCAR, ANEVAR, and CAFR.

Because it is developing its activity in a field deemed as having a significant risk, in which the human error can cause severe damages to the clients, although the company has implemented at company level a documented procedure of internal control, for protecting the clients significant insurance policies have been concluded for each type of activity.

The company has the infrastructure and logistics necessary for developing its activity. The working manner is contractual for all the financial and accounting activities, or on a case by case basis upon the client’s request (e.g. permanent accounting assistance upon the conclusion of the period, accounting expertise, financial audit, internal audit, accounting and administration review, financial consultancy, salaries, etc.).

The company provides professional services of accounting registration and financial and tax consultancy:

  • Drafting the monthly trial balances according to the primary documents drafted by the company at the office of developing the activity concerned;
  • Keeping the books requested by the Law of Accounting (inventory registry and general ledger);
  • Keeping the tax registry for calculating the profit tax;
  • Drafting the tax declarations and submitting them with the tax bodies;
  • Drafting the balance sheet;
  • Consultancy concerning the financial – accounting and tax legislation (profit tax, income tax, VAT, and social securities);
  • Assistance provided to the taxpayer;
  • Consultancy concerning the organization of financial and administration accounting according to the legislation in force;
  • Training the staff in connection to the manner of drafting the primary documents and their circuit within the company.

Salary services:

  • Drafting and submitting the salary statements;
  • Drafting and submitting the declarations concerning the obligations corresponding to the staff rights;
  • Drafting the tax sheets.